Students as Inspiration for Innovation

Earlier this month I joined the #tlap chat with guest moderator George Couros (@gcouros) where we discussed his book, Innovator’s Mindset.  During the chat, George posed the following question.


I spent time thinking about all of the people that inspire me day after day.  I was worried that I would choose one person over another, but then it came to me in a way that this group of people always inspire me.


Students Inspire Me!

In my role I have the honor to be in multiple classrooms at multiple levels.  I begin my time with students by listening to their voice, observing their interactions with each other, and interactions with the tools, both digital and non-digital.  They are my constant source of innovation motivation and bring purpose to the work that I do.  Spending time with them brings me clarity of the why and when I am struggling with a decision I try to get into a classroom as soon as possible.

A month ago I wrote a blog post about the ecosystem of optimal learning.  When I am observing and interacting with students I keep coming back to this whole idea of looking at how we use tools and resources as an ecosystem for learning.  As staff, our role is to make decisions of how to best utilize the human, non-digital, and digital resources so we are providing the optimal learning environment for students to help them as readers, writers, researchers, thinkers, and creators.  To accomplish this great feat we need to listen for when these resources would strengthen the learning we want students to do.   There isn’t a rule and it varies from student to student.  Our ability to be self-reflective while we are listening and observing through the eyes of the students we serve will provide an atmosphere for growth with purpose.

The key is to listen to students.  They will guide the way.  I have found they always do.

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