One Word for 2016 – Empower

Last week I reread my post from last year, My Word for 2015 – Perspective. As I reflected on my words from a year ago I found that my aspirations of running a half marathon didn’t happen, but the impact that my word of perspective was greater than I had predicted both professionally and personally. For example, I spent a week living my work life with the same level of digital access as the students that I serve and was floored by the clarity that it brought me in my work (Lessons Learned from “Living it Like a Student”).  Looking at the decisions we make through the eyes of students is incredible, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about my one word for 2016.  What word would have an impact on multiple aspects of my life?  What word would take me on a journey where I could learn and grow? What do I want to focus on?  Then it became clear to me that the word needed to be for others.  How could my actions impact other people in my life?  

Empower is my word for 2016. 

When I was reading definitions of Empower in multiple dictionaries I found two concepts that spoke to me.  First, it is to give someone the power to do something.  Second, was to make someone stronger and more confident. What a gift it is to focus on supporting others to get stronger and more confident in what they do. I want to…

  • Empower others to believe in themselves.
  • Empower others to see technology as a tool in an ecosystem of learning where learning is at the forefront.  
  • Empower others to see learning with digital tools with a growth mindset.
  • Empower students to have a voice in their learning.
  • Empower others to see their work through the eyes of the learners we serve.

The difference in this year from previous years is that I will see the impact of this one word through the actions of others.  I will need to listen, observe, and reflect on the level of empowerment I am giving.  Are my words and actions allowing people to get stronger and more confident? I am looking forward to the possibilities.

What is your one word for 2016?

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